Very Powerful Love Binding Spell

Lady Idrisa. Day and Night Female Love Witch. Making Curse Removal Easy

Herbalist in Schauderville Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Midrand and More parts of the world. We Have Crafted “Witchcraft Voodoo Doll” and Luck Magic Bangle. New branch open: 196 LAwler St, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth 

Highly Crafted Mini Spells: Discover your Guardian “Love Goddess”, Protection Khama, Success Charm and cast spells to –

  • Attract your perfect match
  • Resolve your past and move on to a new love
  • Removal dark forces
  • Bring romance back into your relationship
  • Send a lover a magic message
  • Bless a new relationship
  • Win your heart’s desire
  • Discover ancient aphrodisiacs and love charms
  • Bless my office and my home healing

Love and Marriage Goddess

With your own star sign as a guide, Lady Idrisa introduces you to your Guardian Goddess who is aligned with your deepest subconscious and can help you cast “magick spells for love”, romance and passion. You deserve to love and be loved so cast a magick love spell and awaken the goddess within!:::: 

The relationship between you and Nature can easily tell how magical you are.

Powerful Healing Hands

African Witch Healing
One of the great saying of Witchcraft is ‘to dare, to do and to keep silent’. The first two part of this saying mirrors the essence of a true, untamed, uncensored witch! One whose spirit is stronger than shallow teaching and hypocrisy. 


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