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The working of any spell or magic depends on the desire of the human. These all the spells and the magic will work for them if they use these for a good reason. Those who believe in an active mythic war between the forces of good arrayed against the forces of evil see the world and its populace as a kind of titanic battleground between benefice angels and hostile demons, and that even natural disasters are painted with this kind of dualistic gloom. In the Bible, the Deity itself has purportedly engaged in mass destruction and the wanton killing of sinners and innocents alike (although non-believers, however innocent, are shown to be justified killings), and all of this has been noted as the actions of a just and righteous godhead. Who are we to judge such actions, as the God of the Monotheists moves in such mysterious ways? Even so, as a pagan man, I find all of this speculation to be irrelevant, overly simplified and even troubling. I have been keenly observing the behaviour of humanity for the duration of my adult life and I have steeped myself in a broad study of history. It would seem to me that the real evil in the world is perpetuated by individuals or groups of human beings and not some overarching force of evil. For Lottery Spells That Work Immediately




Hello Dr Idrisa! I just had to let you know how much you've touched my life... I stumbled onto your website a little under a month ago from a Google search for meanings of candle magic , and I felt like I'd found my way home. I've read most of the site now, and I've already made a purchase of some of the recommended books (I even used your advise you gave me during my visit to you) and I feel such peace inside now... I think I'm overflowing a bit. I'm a bit intimidated by how much I don't know at the moment, but I'm very excited to finally be drawing close to the Divine. So, thank you so much, for being her messenger when I needed one!  yours, Rodney J Wells
Rodney J Wells