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The Sangoma enters trance states in order to heal others and self. The trance states are oracular, imparting information about illnesses and about ways of curing them. The trance states that occur during dancing, lucid dreaming, and divination are all different from one another. During the trance state that the Sangoma enters while dancing, the ancestors, speaking through him/her, disclose future possibilities, reveal hidden agendas, interpret puzzling dreams, and find lost articles. The lucid dreams of a Sangoma may indicate a particular herbal plant to be used for a patient, who may only visit him the following day. During divination, a gentle trance state is induced, and the ancestors “speak” to the Sangoma in a soft voice. There may also be an outdoor shrine, called the gandelo, which is either a dead tree trunk or a live tree. This is a sacred site outside the shaman’s house. Here, he/she can induce a trance state by calling on the ancestors. The gandelo may be seen as analogous to the



Tarot As a Love Magical Tool

There are a number of different ways that one can utilize the Tarot as a magical tool, since it is a repository of quite a large number of magical and occult correspondences. The Tarot and the Qabalah are intertwined, particularly in the 19th and 20th century European occult versions of those disciplines. A magician can take a certain specific point of reference and look at the Tarot in that manner to discover all sorts of useful seismologies and practical referential correspondences. One such perspective is to look at the Tarot through the perspective of magical ability. What one would find would be three groups of magical strength. The first would be the sixteen elementals based on the court cards, the second would be the forty qualified powers, and the last would be the transformation powers of the twenty-two trumps of the major arcana. One could also split off the four aces to produce the foundational structure of the spiritual measurable extent of the four parts. Similarly, one could also look at the Tarot through the perspective of spirits, and with this perspective a whole order of a spiritual hierarchy would be revealed. Additionally, the 36 decan based number or Naib cards, represent an actual spiritual domain that is grounded in the zodiacal hierarchy that permeates the three round levels of positioned level, earth and underworld. The Tree of Life can also be mapped to this structure, although not in a very clean and concise manner unless the four Qabalistic Worlds are employed.


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