Powerful Witch Spells

The Evil Eye Spell

The Evil Eye is one of the cruelest and harshest methods of retaliation. Not only can the Evil Eye be devastating to the intended victim, it is also a “stealth” weapon, as the perpetrator can remain hidden and unknown.

The Evil Eye is a common belief in many cultures and religions. It is a powerful force that is real, and if not contained can indeed destroy a life. It is written that Socrates possessed the Evil Eye and that his disciples were mesmerized and somewhat fearful of the great philosopher’s glaring eyes.



The Evil Eye could change your luck from good too bad in a matter of seconds. It could undermine your most important relationships, ruin your credit, shatter your career, and utterly destroy your confidence.


Are You an Unknowing Victim of The Evil Eye?

Ask yourself these important questions:

1.  Has your luck recently taken a dramatic dive?

2. Has an important relationship suddenly turned sour?

3. Is everything going bad for you and you don’t know why?

Ultimate success in relationships, career, finances. Very popular with heavy gamblers. May win big in lotteries, sweeps, bingo, at gaming tables.

What You Can Do:

If an Evil Eye is focusing its beam directly on you, there is something you can do about it. You don’t have to remain a victim. You can fight back!

But You Must Act Quickly!

The first and most immediate thing you can do is Cancel That Evil Eye! Because if an Evil Eye is indeed focused in your direction, it can do you immeasurable harm!

If you desire retribution, you can also reverse the Evil Eye back toward the person who directed it at you. So, while you are being liberated from the curse of the Evil Eye, you can inflict the effects of the Evil Eye back on the person who has it in for you–and do it Tenfold!

Take a look at the following selections and see which works best for you.


Earth Spells For Witchcraft

One of the most important objects used in Witchcraft spells is the altar. It provides a flat surface for ritual tools and symbols through the casting of a charm. During the preparation of medicinal herbs, a cauldron can be used to heat the mix, which is basically a cooking pot.

Earth spells are best for material things like money, abundance and financial prosperity. Other areas that are ruled by elemental earth are fertility, home, grounding, nature and growth. Add the solid power of earth to your magick with these types of spell ingredients:

•Altar tools such as bowls of salt, earth or a pentacle

•Any stones, but particularly aventurine, jet or onyx

•Oils and herbs like patchouli, mugwort, vetivert or cypress

•Earth spells often include live plants, burying things in the earth and eating foods. If you’re looking to add some earth energy, try to use these types of things in your spell work.


African Herbal Healing

Many herbs are applied topically to the skin in a variety of forms. Essential oil extracts can be applied to the skin, usually diluted in a carrier oil. Many essential oils can burn the skin or are simply too high dose used straight; diluting them in olive oil or another food grade oil such as almond oil can allow these to be used safely as a topical. Most topical applications are oil extractions of herbs. Taking a food grade oil and soaking herbs in it for anywhere from weeks to months allows certain herbal elements to be extracted into the oil. This oil can then be made into salves, creams, lotions, or simply used as an oil for topical application. Many massage oils, antibacterial salves, and wound healing herbal mixtures are made this way. One can also make a poultice or compress using the whole herb or the appropriate part of the plant, which is usually crushed or dried and re-hydrated with a small amount of water and then applied directly in a bandage, cloth, or just as is.CONTACT DOCTOR NOW FOR INSTANT HELP


Voodoo Love Casting

Visualizing yourself with love in your life can be a wonderful thing. Sharing your life with someone special is something all of us have in common. Actively taking part in its manifestation helps us to be open to the possibility of such love. The voodoo love spell is the common type of Voodoo practiced. Before you  cast this voodoo love spell, be sure you’re ready for this level of commitment. You shouldn’t undertake this if you’re simply curious about the one who is “meant” for you. You must be prepared to take responsibility for any results and consequences. You’ll need to do a little preparation before beginning this voodoo love spell. With the help of experienced healer you will be guided.


Word of Witchery Advise

When you see, no one now alive can guide you accurately through witchery activities.  There are some books available for instance  Top Love Spells Flowers has an interesting book but he’s sanitized all the spells.  You can read his book by all means but you will have to go to the full translation for the real thing.  There you will get no help.  Some spells I’ve worked on for years and still do not have them written down.  And yet I’ve tried do my very best work using the Witchery or black art as my resource.  In most cases there’s something absolutely wonderful about performing spells the exact way they were performed by priests and witches thousands of years before.