Lottery Spells that Work Immediately

Witchery Tools Instruments and ingredients
A number of tools and ingredients are used in casting spells. Uses of ingredients may vary between the witches. Some may even perform certain rituals and chant hymns while casting a spell. Ingredients like- oils, herbs, candles, aromatic oils are largely in use in performing love spells. Burning of human shaped candles, smearing with aromatic oil are some of the popular rituals performed during spell casting. These are said to produce and channelize the right amount of energy which would make the spell successful.
Business, Home and Personal Protection Cleansing Broom – This is a symbol for cleansing, and a broom placed by the door will prevent weaker spirits from entering.  If a particularly dangerous spirit enters the house, the broom will tend to fall to the ground as an alarm signal.
Protection Ritual Bath – A simple way to protect yourself is to incorporate magick into everyday activities like bathing. You can create a bath ritual from scratch using protective herbs and oils, or you can use a ritual bath kit which contains everything you need for this ritual.
An Office Blessing
Use this to bless your office (you might want to do this after everyone has gone home, or before people arrive in the morning). You’ll need four coins. Starting with the corner closest to the North, and going clockwise, put a coin in each corner. As you put each coin down, say the chant for that direction:
“Watchtowers of the North and of Earth,Lend your stabilizing energies to all that is done in this office [cubicle, space].With harm to none, so mote it be.”
“Watchtowers of the East and of Air,Lend clarity and inspiration to all that is done in this office. With harm to none,so mote it be.”

“Watchtowers of the South and of Fire,
Lend your passion and energy to all that is done in this office. With harm to none, so mote it be.”
“Watchtowers of the West and of Water, Lend your compassionate and soothing energies to all that is done in this office.With harm to none, so mote it be.”
Stand in the center of your workspace, draw energy from the Earth below up through your feet to the top of your head. Then draw energy from the sun and moon above through the top of your head to your feet.

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