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White magic, also called "natural magic" is magic that is used with good intentions. The opposite is black magic. Not everyone makes a distinction between these forms of magic: so, for example, many Christians reject all the magic and find bad. 

"White magic" is historically linked to pagan nature worship and fertility cults in which gods and goddesses conveniently had to be voted for a good harvest. Modern pagan religions like Wicca practice they say only white magic.

White magic is in our time often associated with stereotypical feminine concepts like that of a mother goddess, nature spirits, unity with nature and the worship of the goddess.

We are reading about so many things related to magic, we are finding good spell caster and practitioners of magic for different purpose, but what I see is many of us do not even know what is magic. So today we will talk only about what is white magi and where it began and how is it used in today modern world. 

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white  sugar, dry leaves podwder, Red soft soil,  and dill, from kitchen cupboard of grocery shop and mix with given oil -

my olive oil is fine. Mix it very hard and leave it for a night as soon as you wake up use it a little all over your hands and foot just like you use body lotion and go for lucky job hunt. 




This alleystone is to be carried with you when gambling or playing games of chance.

First of all, take a small piece of dry swamp clay and the herbs given and empower

them for good luck and money-drawing. Next, take a piece of green cloth (felt works

well for this). Place the "alleystone" in the center of the cloth, and sprinkle a small amount

of white sea sand, dry cherry seeds, "lucky tree" Leaves, Violet Flowers & Yarrow over the alleystone.

Tie up with a gold ribbon or cord and carry with you when playing games of chance.

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The spelling voodoo, once very common, is now generally avoided by Haitian practitioners and scholars when referring to the Haitian religion. This is both to avoid confusion with Louisiana Voodoo, a related but distinct set of religious practices, as well as to separate Haitian Vodou from the negative connotations and misconceptions the term "voodoo" has acquired in popular culture. Over the years, practitioners and their supporters have called on various institutions including the Associated Press to redress this misrepresentation by adopting Vodou in reference to the Haitian religion. In October 2012, the Library of Congress decided to change their subject heading from "Voodooism" to Vodou in response to a petition by a group of scholars and practitioners in collaboration with KOSANBA, the scholarly association for the study of Haitian Vodou based at University of California Santa Barbara.


Vodoo originated in the Caribbean and developed in the French Empire in the 18th century among West African slaves when African religious practice was actively suppressed, and enslaved Africans were forced to convert to Christianity. Religious practices of contemporary Vodou are descended from, and closely related to, West African Vodun as practiced by the Fon and Ewe. Vodou also incorporates elements and symbolism from other African peoples including the Yoruba and Kongo; as well as Taíno religious beliefs, Roman Catholicism, and European spirituality including mysticism, Freemasonry, and other influences


According to the Voodoo tradition, there is one supreme god, who is known by different names in different parts of the world. In Haiti, for example, he is called Bondye, which comes from the French bon dieu, meaning "good god." Regardless of which name people use, the primary god is immensely powerful and beyond the reach ordinary followers. For this reason, Voodoo practitioners must rely on hundreds or thousands of other spirits to communicate with god.


Voodoo [Vudu], also Vodun is a predominantly Creole religion, which is based in Haiti and other parts of America and in Africa. The religion is known in western countries especially for the "dark arts" and practicing of white and black magic. This faith came to the West Indies with the enslavement of West Africa, which included elements of other religions. Worldwide Voodoo has about 60 million followers.Voodoo knows only one God, is Bondieu (French for "Good God"), derived from creole called Bondye. Since Bondieu is however so great that the believer cannot contact him directly, there is the Loa as a mediator. The Loa is a divine spirit, in whose power it is to change things. For the Voodoo believers Loa Racine, the Family Loa, whose worship takes place within the family for generations, while the main contact person.Voodoo is a much known magic, probably what we know about it is that voodoo is a form of black magic, but that is not true, today we will talk in detail about what is voodoo and where it began. This topic was much needed, since voodoo magic are very powerful and strong but many fear to approach a voodoo priest to take help from in regards to voodoo magic since people think it is a form of black magic.

Well, voodoo is a religion, rather a very old religion and probably older even than the continent of Africa itself. Voodoo is also named or referred as voudou, vodou, and voudun which literally means created by God or a great spirit. Voodoo is a life supporting exercise that inspires its partakers to better comprehend the natural processes of life and their own spiritual natures. The dictionary description of voodoo states that it is an ancient religion that involves animal spirits and cult of ancestors and different methods and rituals to communicate with such spirits. Though voodoo was started from Africa but today many continents and countries are practicing voodoo, some have also altered it to suit their religion and needs, but the main goal of voodoo still remains the same which is to heal people, yes voodoo was basically practiced for healing people, healing mentally and physically, healing oneself in connection to himself or herself as well as in connection to God.

African Voodoo Love Spells

The followers of voodoo believed in one supreme almighty GOD, and they believed that under his instructions functions the Loa, like I stated before loa are different forms of spirits and hence these different forms were worshiped for specific reason like family, wealth, health, and food. Each Loa or Orisha had dedicated days, numbers, colors, foods, vegetables and fruits which were offered to please the Loa. It is such believed that once you please a Loa you would get whatever you want from the specific spirit.

Casting Voodoo Spells

The religion gained more eyes, in some parts of the country like the Spanish Island, it came to be known as Santeria or worship of the saints and in other parts it remained with the name voodoo but this was not the end to the religion, it grew more and came to America when the slave population was bought to LA from Africa. Louisiana also added more value to voodoo religion and enriched it to another extent, it was here that the incorporation of Snake Spirits were made and entered into the religion.


Today about 15% to 20% of people from New Orleans practice and follow voodoo as a religion. Though the modern society has developed a lot bringing in major changes in the religion of voodoo and the way it is followed. Now there are people who specialises in casting voodoo spells, some specialises in casting healing rituals and other are just following the religion.

Though there is a much negative understanding about this religion and voodoo is clubbed up as black magic, but in real voodoo shows the part to attain natural harmony between a human and GOD.

About my Black Magic

The working of any spell or magic depends on the desire of the human. These all the spells and the magic will work for them if they use these for a good reason. Those who believe in an active mythic war between the forces of good arrayed against the forces of evil see the world and its populace as a kind of titanic battleground between benefice angels and hostile demons, and that even natural disasters are painted with this kind of dualistic gloom. In the Bible, the Deity itself has purportedly engaged in mass destruction and the wanton killing of sinners and innocents alike (although non-believers, however innocent, are shown to be justified killings), and all of this has been noted as the actions of a just and righteous godhead. Who are we to judge such actions, as the God of the Monotheists moves in such mysterious ways? Even so, as a pagan man, I find all of this speculation to be irrelevant, overly simplified and even troubling. I have been keenly observing the behaviour of humanity for the duration of my adult life and I have steeped myself in a broad study of history. It would seem to me that the real evil in the world is perpetuated by individuals or groups of human beings and not some overarching force of evil. For Lottery Spells That Work Immediately



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This spellworking is best done during the waxing or full moon. Have ready a small green or brown talisman bag, three silver coins, your cauldron, a pentacle, a small dish, cinnamon, cedar chips, and your wand. Set your cauldron on the pentacle. Place a small dish inside the cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon and cedar chips on it. Beside the cauldron, lay your wand. Tap each coin with the wand as you chant: Glistening silver, coin of the moon Shiny and round, grant me a boon. Draw to my hands many more of your kind Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind. Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise seven times over the cauldron. Chant: Earth elementals, cunning and bright, With me share your treasures tonight. Share with me riches, silver and gold Successes, Prosperity, all I can hold. Put the coins and the herbs in the talisman bag and lay it overnight in the moonlight. Either carry the bag with you, or keep it near your bed where you will see it every night.

Goodluck Candle Burning

Burning a candle for good luck isn't enough. Once you've chosen the appropriate candle color, annointed it with oil, and notched or inscribed it with the symbol that represents the type of luck you hope to receive, do the following: Light a candle in the color of your choice and say, "This candle represents me." Light a black candle and say, "I have had bad luck in the past but it's time for it to stop. This candle represents my bad luck." Light a gray one and say, "My life is balanced at this point". "Bad Luck is No More". Light an orange candle and say, "Things will change now. Good luck is coming." Let the candles burn all the way down as you visualize the good luck you will have from this day forward, you don't have to say anything out loud at all (though you can certainly.ou watch the goal and luck in your mind grow slowly and finally soar because your "success" won't be instantaneous and burn out quickly, like a balloon that's filled with too much air, too quickly. Instead, the good luck will come to you and you'll achieve gradual and long-lasting success in your goal. 

Align Your Wishes With The Universe With Good Luck Candle Burning.

Casting candle burning spells for good luck aligns your wishes with the abilities of nature and the universe. Be sure to follow the directions carefully, choosing the appropriate color for your candle and chanting the spell that promises to bring you what you lack. Be aware of any special steps you need to accomplish before your wishes can be granted, like "notching the candle", and you'll stand a better chance at getting the results you desire. Candle magic is particularly popular with Wicca and other Earth based religions. This form of sympathetic magic is often governed by the rule of three (i.e. that which is put out returns to the sender three-fold). This rule of magic is designed to promote the use of positive magic. For example, a candle spell cannot compel another against their will, but it can open their eyes to positive feelings they may already feel.



White Magic Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

According to the usage magic is classified into two categories, the use of super natural powers or what is known as white magic and the use of paranormal powers or what is known as black magic, however white magi is considered to be the good part and the brighten side of the dark magic or black magic. White magic is considered to be harmless and is considered to be used for meaningful and self-defence purpose. White magic practices the traditional pagan nature worship and hence is also known as the natural form of magic or natural magic. 

"White magic all started from the Palaeolithic era". During this time the religious views were such in tend that people started to believe in spirits and deities. They started believing that communication with different forms of spirits are possible, and that the blessings from these spirits would keep them fertile and would help them cultivate more agriculture, thus from this period onwards people started worshiping many forms of god and goddesses who were offered offerings on a hill top based shrine. People thought of that praying to these god and goddesses would keep them fertile and help them with more vegetation. The existence of white magic can also be traced back to the ancient Egyptian time and it is also believed that the early Jews had seen the worshiping of different forms of god and goddesses before the Roman Empire arrived. 

In the late 1400 era, the Catholic Church also gave importance to white magic and thus white magic was a much talked about topic between the upper class, with guidance from Marsilio Ficino who proved that the existence of spirits is true, people came in more light about white magic. However Ficino concentrated more on natural magic which did not required any invocation of spirits neither the same was used for harmful activity. Like already mentioned the early Christian also believed in supernatural powers, and the star is one of the proofs of the same, even the bible has many verses which talks about white magic. White magic grew to be more well-known during the era of the inquisition and anti-"witchcraft "time. It was such that a time came when white magic was known as the high magic and "black magic" was known as the low magic.

Later in the modern era, as we all developed and more researches were done. White magic was broadly defined by many by stating that white magic is a super natural form of magic used for doing good to someone. According to Robert Place, all prehistoric shamanistic magic that was practiced was a form of white magic used for helping others. 



In some researches and readings it has been also found that basically those who practiced white magic used to worship goddesses than gods, different forms of deities where worshiped by the practitioners of white magic. It was such believed that worshiping the different forms of Goddesses would keep them fertile, wealthy and healthy, for each and different problems they had a different form of deity to praise and worship to. 



Today white magic is practiced in many forms; one of the forms much known to mankind is the Wiccan religion or the practice of "Wicca". Witches who practice "Wicca" are said to practice "white magic" and that they use the natural powers present in the nature to heal and cure. Many parts of America, Australia, Africa and France have got this religion and are practiced; even Asian countries are also adopting the practice of Wicca. Wiccan followers believe in the threefold effect and would never use the white magic to harm anyone for any reason, rather they perform rituals to communicate with the natural spirits present specifically during the day time and take help from them to heal and help others. 



Well, by now you have a great and detailed idea on what is white magic, where it came from, how it came and where it is practiced in the modern world. So with all this knowledge now when you approach any spell caster for any kind of spell requirement you would know the difference when the caster would tell you that whether he or she practices white or "black magic."

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