Non-violence in its fullest form means to

refrain from causing any harm or pain to any creature,

by thought, word, or deed.

This makes it clear that any negative thought or action toward another is harm: calling names, wishing ill, throwing their belongings, etc.

Also, when inaction causes harm to others, you have the responsible to act to prevent harm.



Respect and love yourself, otherwise you can't respect and love others. "Harm none" must start with yourself. Do things that are good for you. Avoid things that are bad for you.


Respect All Beings As Divine

When you remember that all beings are manifestations of the Divine, the same as you are, you realise that all are equally valued by the Goddess. And you can't avoid the truth that you and they are not separate beings at all. So harming anyone is harming the Divine, and yourself.

Conscious Choice

Think of the consequences of your actions/words/thoughts and you will not only make better choices but step out of pre-programmed reactions and mechanical behaviours.


Sanctify Your Actions

Virtually every action harms some being, if only microbes. By leading a spiritual life, offering everything you do to the service of the Divine, you will not be harming yourself or the Divine.


Live Life Deeply

All of these lead you to look deep into life, rather than skimming along on the surface.