Can Anyone Learn to Do Voodoo By Themselves?

Absolutely - anyone can learn to do Voodoo. However, not necessarily by themselves. To develop any level of proficiency in Voodoo, there are a series of formal initiations. More importantly, it takes many years to develop the skills and abilities necessary to practice the spell casting elements of Voodoo successfully.

Is Voodoo bad or Harmful?

Voodoo is not bad in any way. However, if you cast a curse on someone it can be harmful for the person who becomes cursed. Clearly that is the point of the curse! This is the only fashion that Voodoo can be harmful. Voodoo is not dangerous or unpredictable, and poses no risk of collateral damage to you whatsoever.

Will Voodoo Hurt Me?

Absolutely not! Voodoo will not hurt you in any way. The exception would be if someone cast a curse on you - that could hurt you. However, for you to practice Voodoo or purchase any spells here will not hurt you. Emmanuel ensures that all his clients are well protected, and Voodoo poses no danger to the client in any fashion.

What Do The Different Casting Types Mean?

Top Love Spells offers three different casting levels at three different prices. These are complete, advanced, and detailed. The complete spells should not be viewed as basic - these are truly complete Voodoo spells. Nothing is missing and these spells are guaranteed to elicit results.


Advanced and detailed spells require more energy, more time, and are significantly more powerful. These spells utilize closely guarded secrets given to Emmanuel by his ancestors. Most people do not need these additional levels, but it isn't uncommon for an issue to be severe enough to warrant them. You will know best what level you need, but you are also invited to contact Emmanuel if you would like assistance deciding.