"Money Spells"

No one would say that they don’t need money. And that is why some would tend to get a loan from a loan shark rather than going to a bank. It is difficult to earn money nowadays, and people would go an extra mile just to earn money. And money-spells are handy for these kinds of situations. Spells are an ancient practice of witches long before the Roman Catholic religion is born.  This is done to give a specific effect to a person. "Spells may be in written or in the oral form". To perform spells, evaluate first if this would be for good or bad reasons. These spells bring karma to those who practice it. This should not be used to harm others. Money Spells are done if someone is in dire need of money or need to increase the inflow of money in the household. It is created to help the caster earn more money, or see a better opportunity for earning money. It does not create instant money out of nothing the witch who casts the spell must also work hard for the money. "The effect of money spell may vary". For some, it works instantly, for others it may take several days or weeks. If this is the case, repeat the ritual until you feel the results. If you are a beginner who wants to cast this spell, it’s better to ask for a service of a professional. But if you are decided to cast this spell, and then make sure that you spend some time on this spell and practice it wholeheartedly. Remember that this ritual is meant to manipulate your surroundings, and in the process, you must have faith to make the spell work and bring you good fortune.


white sugar, dry leaves podwder, Red soft soil,  and dill, from kitchen cupboard of grocery shop and mix with given oil -

my olive oil is fine. Mix it very hard and leave it for a night as soon as you wake up use it a little all over your hands and foot just like you use body lotion and go for lucky job hunt. 

Success in Business

"Do you own or want to start your own business and need some help?" This is the ideal spell for you. This spell enables you to bring in more customers, more money and more positive attention. This spell increases your business success - watch your customers and business account grow.

It costs


This alleystone is to be carried with you when gambling or playing games of chance.

First of all, take a small piece of dry swamp clay and the herbs given and empower

them for good luck and money-drawing. Next, take a piece of green cloth (felt works

well for this). Place the alleystone in the center of the cloth, and sprinkle a small amount

of white sea sand, dry cherry seeds, "lucky tree" Leaves, Violet Flowers & Yarrow over the alleystone.

Tie up with a gold ribbon or cord and carry with you when playing games of chance.

Then See The Miracle