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I have had people consulting me on the ‘how to’ and most find great benefit in the practice of working with the tools and attitudes that are offered. Some are not ready, some want it to be easy and for me to fix it and just make it happen. It doesn’t necessarily work like that. Of course, a working that fails to produce the desired effects could also appear similarly ground-breaking, but magicians typically remember their successes and try to mitigate or even forget their failures. I often refer to a magician recounting his or her exploits and successful magical workings as "tales of power.” I was asked the other day by a beloved client who I did a one on one strong entity clearance journey with for job spell, if it was challenging for me. I responded, "No not at all, I rather enjoy it, this is my element, this is what I like to do.” I heard myself and thought, isn’t it interesting that I said I enjoy it. But it’s true. I do.

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